Friday, June 29, 2012

Womb For Rent

An Interview with BAPF 35 Playwright Lauren Yee

Lauren Yee
The 35th Bay Area Playwrights Festival will feature six amazing plays from the unthinkably funny to the unbelievably real. Samsara by Lauren Yee, a Bay Area native, is both. Samsara is a hilarious and heart-wrenching four-hander that collapses 25 years, two continents and one Zygote, who finally has his day in court. I recently sat down with Lauren to ask her about her new play for the BAPF. 

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Friday, June 22, 2012

What We Might Want Is Not Enough

by Gordon Dahlquist                                                                               
Playwright, Tea Party

My play Tea Party is a pretty straight-forward story of insurrection, civil unrest, sectarian violence, divided government, and foreign interference – which just happens to be set in Colorado.  I like plays that ask questions more than plays that provide answers (I guess I feel that if you’re that confident about answers, you ought to be doing something other than writing a play), and so the work I’ll be doing is aimed at making the questions in the play seem grounded and necessary, and as inevitable as possible.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The BAPF of My Life; or how the Bay Area Playwrights Festival changed my life for the good

By Kevin Scofield
Playwrights Foundation
Social Media Associate

Take a trip with me, will you, with Doc Brown in the DeLorean to the Summer of 2011. The Bay Area Playwrights Festival.

Of the seven plays on the festival, one of them had longest title of a play I’ve ever seen or heard of. As marketing intern, I was required to read every play. Something I wanted to do anyway. Most of the plays had short titles like Hong Kong Dinosaur, Home Below Zero, or even Rock Creek: Southern Gothic.

But the full official title of this play?