Saturday, December 16, 2006

Something Wonderful's happening at the Humana Festival

Sherry Kramer's beautiful play WHEN SOMETHING WONDERFUL ENDS (featured in last summer's festival) is getting its world premier at The Humana Festival!

This play is so moving and funny and necessary. Since the summer I've been emailing copies of it to friends saying "You have to read this."

The rest of the Festival line-up looks pretty exciting, with plays by Craig Wright, Naomi Iizuka, Carlos Murillo, Ken Weitzman and Alice Tuan .


meeegan said...

Nice to see y'all blogging! Hello from the south.
Megan at SCR

D said...

I do, indeed, have to read this play (so says Enrique and I'm almost finished with David's Redhaired Death).

Playwrights Foundation said...

Thanks for the welcome.

We've been really excited about diving into the blogosphere.

Adam Szymkowicz said...

Come on in. The water's nice.

Adam Szymkowicz said...

Or I guess you're already in the water, so welcome to the water.

P.S. Deron's name has only one r in it.