Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update from Elijah the Intern

Greetings from Elijah the Intern. Who, you ask? You might have noticed me making photocopies at the office. Or behind the concessions table. Or taking out the trash. Or doing one of many things to make your (the audience, the playwrights, the artistic team, the administration) life easier. My goal is to make everything run as smoothly as possible so that everyone can let their creative juices run uninhibited as the Festival goes on, instead of worrying about what food is missing, what the logistics of the events are, or how Dominic Orlando acquired his stunning wardrobe.

For those of you who came to the Festival last weekend, thank you so much. For those of you who didn't, I know you're planning to come this weekend, when we'll be showing all of the shows...again. Or, hey, if you saw them last time, why not see them again? Most of you have probably seen The Dark Knight twice, anyway. It's just like that, but imagine seeing it again the second time where the characters are suddenly more developed, the language is more clear and concise, and the thematic elements are fuller! (I don't know how that would look for The Dark Knight - maybe The Joker reveals his favorite ice cream flavor.)

A couple of specific shout-outs go to:
Richard Ciccarone - one-man show (with the help of our wonderful tech team) production manager extraordinaire, who had the brilliant idea of holding a Mini-Festival with the interns' and PAs' work, tomorrow at 2pm at the Magic (I'm not plugging anything...) Sonia, Cris, Jonathan and Amy at the Playwrights Foundation, for staying insane hours to make sure everything gets off the ground...Molly, another intern, whose company made those last-minute supply runs bearable...Jen, Graham, and the Crane Story gang for being incredibly nice to their PA (yours truly), and.......EVERYONE ELSE (so much for being specific. I knew it was as failed endeavor as soon as I started - there are so many people to thank) Rest assured, I love you all. I'm out for now.

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