Monday, October 4, 2010

Prudence and Pepper: Act Two

The dramatic conclusion of Prudence and Pepper...

The curtain rises to reveal a FOREST at night.
PRUDENCE CONSTANCE SORROWFUL is squatting by a heap of sticks, trying to light a fire.
PEPPER TH├śRRSSTEINSS├śN stands apart, engaged in a paperback novel.
PEPPER turns the pages faster and faster.
PRUDENCE grabs the novel, throws in on the heap of sticks.
The sticks and novel burst into flame.
PRUDENCE and PEPPER jump back as a SMALL BOY in a sailor suit descends on a perch.
The boy sings all of Mariah Carey's "Someday," complete with vocal acrobatics. PEPPER and PRUDENCE pretend, unsuccessfully, not to notice the BOY.
When his song is over, the BOY hops off his perch and walks expectantly up to PRUDENCE.
She does a tightly choreographed dance with the BOY to a refrain of ‘Someday’.
The trees light up like disco balls.
The forest swirls in on itself.
PRUDENCE and the BOY dance into the twinkling lights and disappear leaving PEPPER
alone. He hums and hums and hums and hums and hums as the lights fade.

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