Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Lurks in a Playwright's mind? Mega Piranha.

When PF Resident Playwright, Julia Jarcho, was asked what her favorite mythical beast was, she had this to say:

At the moment, I've got to say Mega Piranha.

According to a scientist (Tiffany), this organism has a very simple program:
eating  as much as possible, so as to grow infinitely large.
Mega Piranha  doesn't, as far as I can tell,
  • experience performance anxiety or social anxiety; 
  • it doesn't think about its career path, 
which is  almost a shame because its career is
 (at press time) going remarkably well.

It's on the verge of taking over the ocean. How many of us can say that?
Mega Piranha gets the job done, and looks great doing it.
A cute TV anchorwoman is about to feel its wrath.
Actually, I doubt it; the emotional modalities of Mega Piranha are way off our two-bit human spectrum.


They're approaching from the east. Stay tuned.

Julia Jarcho has been a Resident Playwright at Playwrights Foundation since 2008.  A brand new piece by Julia will be produced by New York City Players next Fall - keep up with Julia and other Resident Playwrights on our website!

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