Monday, July 23, 2012

Playwrights' Playlist: Christopher Chen

Chris Chen
BAPF 35 Week 1 was great, an awesome slew of the best new plays on the underground that will surely impress their way to the mainstream of the new play world.  Riding the wave of inspiration form all of the plays that came crashing over us, we had an idea: "What are these playwright geniuses listening to while they write, and will that inspiration help us write? Right?!"

So here goes, our first, of many, Playwrights' Playlists for the blog. Each week we will ask a new playwright: What are you listening to?

Kicking off our new experiment is Christopher Chen, writer of The Hundred Flowers Project, with a few inspiring songs in his music library.  A few of the songs are directly related with his most recent work such as From the Air which Chris "appropriated and altered a lyric from for the play."


Did this help you write? Did this inspire you? Did this make you wish Music had never been a thing? Share your thoughts with us!

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