Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Monday: Sunset Baby

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In preparation for Dominique Morisseau's Sunset Baby Rough Reading today and tomorrow we honor it with it's own music monday, with music that the PF staff has chosen that we feel fits the play.

Music is a big part of Sunset Baby. After all, according to Dominique the main character is named after Nina Simone. The last four songs on this playlist are even incorporated into the play.

In Dominique's blog about her play, she said one of her inspirations was Tupac Shakur. She says of Tupac: "this is most important.  He would've been in his forties now were he not a victim of gun violence in 1996.  I was always moved by his deeply thoughtful yet contradictory music.  One minute he'd be an intelligent orator breaking down the poverty-mentality of a lost generation, and the next he'd be the contributor to a violent generational abyss. How can my generation be so brilliant and so self-destructive at the same time?"

We hope our musical choices have faithfully represented this incredible play.


Sunset Baby will be part of our Rough Reading Nov. 12th at Stanford and 13th at the ACT Costume Shop in SF. It is 100% FREE of charge. A $20 donation in advance comes with a reserved seat and a drink!

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