Friday, April 12, 2013

Eugenie Chan: Don't Interrupt

Teaching at Playwrights Foundation is a fantastic way for me to get in touch with a deep urge to write, my own and that of the writers in my workshops. It's profoundly inspiring to work with the writers who are uncovering the seeds of new work, finding the bones of their plays' deep structure and heartbeat. If the prompt allows it, I will write along with the writers to see what spontaneously generates.

Like my students, I find myself sometimes deepening characters I'm working on currently or discovering surprising new ones. I love it when writers uncover epiphanies like, “Oh no, it's about the dogs!” A lot of times these are aggravating discoveries for the writer, but I found that if the writer sticks to these awkward, uncovered truths that the play blossoms in deep wondrous ways.

I love that moment when the writer says, “I can see the end.” Or nothing at all because it's not about talking or discussing anymore, but all about the writing. So don't interrupt, please.

- Eugenie Chan

Eugenie Chan currently has a class in session at the New Play Institute. New classes are being offered in May at the Institute, including Writing for TV with "Mad Men" Writer Jason Grote and Exploring the Dark Side with USC Writing Professor Prince Gomolvilas.

Teaching emerging and mid-career playwrights through the Institute in our PF Studio is just one of the many ways that we support the development of new works. Help PF continue these efforts by supporting our Indiegogo Studio Campaign, which ends on Tuesday, April 16.  

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