Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with a Playwright: Dominic Orlando

 1) Where do you most often find inspiration?

I'm not sure I understand the question.  In his gorgeous unfinished novel, Tulip, Dashiell Hammet has the title character, an ex-con, pestering his old friend, a writer, to take up his life story.  "It's a great story--I'll let you have it".  His friend responds:  "the problem is having too many ideas, not too few".

As for what keep me going:  coffee, toast, intelligent/enthusiastic response to the work.

2) What one tip can you offer aspiring playwrights

Artistically:  Keep writing and don't let anyone tell you what a play is supposed to look like.
Professionally: Go to grad school.

 3) How did you get your start in playwriting?  Where and when was this seed planted

I wrote, directed and performed in my first play, Lieutenant Rockstone and Golds and The Case of The Missing Stones in 5th Grade instead of handing in a science report.  We got the day off to perform the piece for the entire school.  It was the day off that sold me.

 4) What was your most embarrassing high school moment?

My Father picked me up from a party and I puked all over him and the car.  I told him I had eaten too many potato chips.

 5) Beckett or Stoppard? One word only please.


Mr. Orlando will be a teaching his immensely popular 'New Play Bootcamp' course this May at the Playwrights Foundation.  Get a first draft done in a matter of weeks!  Visit website below for details: 

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