Friday, April 30, 2010

Interview with a Playwright: Eugenie Chan

1.    Where do you most often find inspiration?
In everyday actions -- the small rituals we do over and over again, like making a cup of tea, buying groceries at the same produce store, having the same conversation with the same person.  Seeing what happens when these daily activities are broken.

2.    What one tip can you offer aspiring playwrights?
Get connected.  Work, volunteer, get involved at the theater or organization where they're making the kind of theater you love.

3.    How did you get your start in playwriting?  Where and when was this seed planted?
In the 5th grade.  I wrote a play about Hermes and his brother Apollo herding cows and made our teacher the cow.  I thought that was so great and empowering.

4.    What was your most embarrassing high school moment?
Um, I'm still in high school, kinda sorta.  I teach.  Often in high school.  So, as a grown up dork, everyday I'm probably embarrassing myself.

5.    Beckett or Stoppard? One word only please.

Eugenie Chan's plays Bone to Pick and Diadem will premiere at the Cutting Ball theater on May 21st, to learn more about Ms. Chan and her work, visit our website.

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