Monday, October 15, 2012

Music Monday: Dominic Orlando

Oct. 22 & 23 Rough Reading 
Oh, Dominic. Dominic Orlando is a favorite around Playwrights Foundation. From the classes he teaches to the plays he brings us. The man is so, so busy. From working with Berkeley Rep's Ground Floor on his new musical The Barbary Coast to bringing us his new play Reparations for our Rough Reading series he has also managed to write two blogs for us (one up already) and provide us with a playlist.

Now, in the confusion of multiple emails asking him to write these things for us I did ask him if he could provide us with a playlist that was related to his play Reparations, coming Oct. 22&23, and he gave me a list of songs with the short message: "here are the songs. They fit both into Reparations and songs to write by".

As far as which songs fall into the Reparations category and which ones falls into the 'songs to write by' category you'll have to come check out Reparations in our Rough Reading Series to make that judgement yourself. Either way, listening to his playlist, their all good for creative inspiration.

P.S. Yes, he included a full album in his playlist.
To find out how to see the Rough Reading of Dominic's Reparations, click here

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