Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday: Whole Lotta Lauren Gunderson

Here's how it goes. When I have send a music monday request to a playwright I ask for 15 songs or so, that way if a song is not on Spotify then there should be enough song options to put on a good size playlist.

When it came time to ask Lauren Gunderson for a Music Monday playlist, I asked her for 15 songs. When I get to putting together her playlist, the first song is: "The song 'Love Letter' by Clairy Browne that's in that Heineken commercial. Good song. Thanks, Heineken". So I look on Spotify and of course it's not on and I start thinking, this might be a small playlist if the first song is not on there. But I go on...

The Commercial

The Full Song

I then go down the list and see "John Coltrane (A Love Supreme)" which is a song in 4 parts, "Bach's cello suites" (he's got a lot of them, I chose ONLY one), and "Beethoven's 9th and everything by Mumford And Sons. And Loretta Lynn". 

Long story short, I end up with a playlist of 30 SONGS, care of Lauren Gunderson. So lots of songs for your writing pleasure. 

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