Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday: Hundred Flowers

The Hundred Flowers Project
Photo by Pak Han
Today's Music Monday is a little special. Today we look at The Hundred Flowers Project by Christopher Chen. It's a play that has been in our lives at Playwrights Foundation for a while. But really it goes back to this summer when it was one of the great plays being read at the 35th Bay Area Playwrights Festival. Co-Produced with Crowded Fire Theatre Company, Chris' great work was a great play to see develop and now it is finally in full production over at the Thick House (get tickets here) playing now until November 17th.

To really get an insight to the play's development, make sure to check out the blog Chris wrote for us during the BAPF this summer. Titled "Meta-Blog", Chris describes in funny and insightful detail about the challenges and fun of writing play that has come to be labeled the popular "meta-theatre" brand.
The Hundred Flowers Project
Photo by Pak Han

But since Chris was so great in getting us a playlist for a Music Monday during BAPF (Chris' Playlist) we decided to reach out to director Desdemona Chiang. Desdemona was with the project during the Festival and has really done a good job with Chris in developing this play. She was able to provide us with a great list of 12 songs that she has been listening to while this play has opened.

Enjoy, and check our Christopher Chen's The Hundred Flowers Project.

P.S. since Maxwell's Silver Hammer (the original version) is not available on Spotify I chose the instrumental version performed by the London Pops. Cover versions sounded just plain weird.

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