Monday, October 1, 2012

Music Monday: The Road Till Now

Welcome to another Music Monday. This is usually where I would hand it off to this week's playwright, but today we're doing it a little bit differently. Today, I'll take control of the blog. Hopefully it goes just as well as last time I took over. A little look back and a playlist that includes 10 songs chosen by yours truly and nine of my favorites from our nine past Music Mondays.

How did this start? Well, it was during the 35th Bay Area Playwrights Festival this last summer that Magan, the structural glue that holds most things together at the office, came to me with an idea. A way to produce content for our blog that was simple and easy.

Ask playwrights for a playlist of songs they are listening to and post them up.
So far, it's been really great. And this music monday I, Kevin - your loyal PF social media guru, decided to put my list up. You see, many of the administrators that work at PF, like most arts organizations, are artists themselves. This includes me. And while I spend most of my time looking up ways to efficiently use social media, I am also a writer and playwright and I have a playlist of my own I have been itching to share.

The first ten songs on the playlist are music I usually turn on when brainstorming or writing. After the first ten songs, I chose one song that was my favorite from EACH of the previous nine Music Monday Playlists.

Just for the record, they are:

Even Better Than The Real Thing from Chris Chen's Playlist
Memories Can Wait from Gordon Dahlquist's Playlist
Populism, Yea Yea from Lauren Yee's Playlist
Awake My Soul from Aditi Kapil's Playlist
Road to Joy from George Brant's Playlist
Glitter in the Air from Aaron Loeb's Playlist
Jackson from Mike Lew's Playlist


Kevin Scofield
Playwrights Foundation
Social Media Associate

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